Resources & Links

Barnabas Ministries seeks to promote greater understanding in the field of spirituality, spiritual direction and spiritual leadership. From time to time articles are written for various journals and information prepared in these fields.

Where possible, we seek to make these articles available to you. Click here for current articles.

We will also be preparing some “How to” kits that will be available shortly through our resources tab. These will include “How to host a prayer walk” and “How to run a quiet day”. If you are interested in discovering more about this contact the Director, Sue Dunbar:

Postal Address: PO Box 3177 Manuka, ACT 2603 AU
Office Phone: 02 6295 6766 (Weekdays)

Barnabas Ministries is part of a larger community of people and organisations that also seek to nourish people spiritually. You will find access to these on our Links page.