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Graduations in Mt Isa program

Three parishioners from the Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Mt Isa were recently commissioned as Spiritual Companions, after completing a 4 year training course facilitated by Sue Dunbar, Director of Barnabas Ministries. They will join four other Good Shepherd parishioners already engaged in the spiritual companion ministry.

Formal recognition of program

Good news! Barnabas Ministries’ Listen into Life program has been formally recognised by the Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction (AECSD) as meeting the AECSD’s Guidelines for Contemplatively Forming Spiritual Directors.

Supervision training with Lucy Abbott Tucker

Barnabas Ministries is again sponsoring Lucy Abbott Tucker supervision workshops. A four day workshop will be held in Brisbane 30 July to 2 August, and another workshop in Perth 4-7 August.

For further information and registration forms please go to Barnabas Ministries Events page


Each workshop provides an opportunity to join leaders in the field of training and forming spiritual directors and supervisors to explore the process of supervision. The format will include input, sharing, and practising the presented material which will cover the “what, why and how” of supervision.


Soul Space

Barnabas Ministries has previously offered a retreat leaders formation program. Soul Space, a new program, with a different emphasis and structure,  for training people to lead retreats,  will be offered in its place.  The Soul Space program will commence in November 2018.

Invited to present at international conference

Barnabas Ministries Director Sue Dunbar has been selected to present a workshop at the 2017 international conference of Spiritual Directors International,  ‘Seeking Connection’, to be held in Toronto in April 2017.

Academic Recognition

Barnabas has entered into ground-breaking MOU with Tabor College of Higher Education.  Under the MOU, Tabor will recognise graduates of Barnabas’ Listening Into Life Program and award credit towards its Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction. This credit will be for four of the eight units required for this qualification.
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Mount Isa Spiritual Direction Training Program

Sue Dunbar, Directors of Barnabas Ministries has been engaged as the formator for a new spiritual direction Training Program in Mount Isa. Sue will travel there four times a year for 4 years to offer training and on-going professional development.
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Dreams and Dreamwork

The Dreamwork Series, held in Canberra in April and May 2013, will invite participants into a practical consideration of the significance of dreams within the context of their daily lives and journey with God. We’ll establish some common ground for working with dreams and demonstrate ways of unpacking dream images, including how they can first remember their dreams.
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