Good Friday Walk 2013

Thirty people today walked through the Parliamentary Triangle in Canberra, Australia, to mark the events leading up to Jesus’ death with prayer. Read on to get a sense of our prayers and meditation.

Good Friday Umbrella

Beginning at the National Art Gallery, Susanna Pain led a reflection on remembrance, solidarity and walking together. Sue Dunbar led a reflection on the connections between the betrayal of Jesus with a kiss and the Toulouse Lautrec exhibition.

Good Friday High Court

At the National Portrait Gallery Duncan Macleod invited participants to pose for photographic portraits holding their prayers and statements of solidarity, connecting with the difficulty Peter had to publicly own up to his association. See the 22 portraits here.

Good Friday High Court

At the High Court of Australia Liz Anne Smith invited us to stand in silence in solidarity with those who are unjustly accused or condemned by those who have the loudest voice, or go with the crowd.

Good Friday High Court

In Reconciliation Place Nikolai Blaskow drew on the solidarity found in Simon of Cyrene carrying the cross for Jesus. He called us to reflect on the suffering of our indigenous brothers and sisters whose lives had been shaped by the founding of the nation of Australia.

Good Friday Reconciliation Place

Good Friday Grass

At the National Library Mandy Cox led a reflection on the women who mourned as Jesus was on the cross. We remembered those affected by the forced removal of Aboriginal children between 1909 and 1969, and the forced adoption of children born to single mothers, from the second world war to the 1970s.

Good Friday National Library pool

In the Avenue of Trees Mark Beresford centred prayer on the forgiving words of Jesus on the cross, sown as seeds that would grow into a canopy of true shelter and freedom.

Good Friday Mark Beresford in Avenue

At Old Parliament House Duncan Macleod centred prayer on significant decisions made by Australia’s federal parliament over the last 100 years. In the Members Garden Helen Middelmann connected the death of Jesus with our call to commit ourselves and our loved ones who have died into the hands of a loving God.

Good Friday Parliament

At New Parliament House Nikolai Blaskow focused our prayers on imagination, listening and respect in places of government.