Soul Care

The vision of Barnabas Ministries is to see people and communities encouraged and nourished to participate wholeheartedly in God’s transforming life in the world.

To this end, Barnabas Ministries offers soul care for the journey of life and faith, in a number of different ways:

Spiritual Direction

Wise and compassionate accompaniment on this journey is offered through spiritual direction. This is a one to one meeting with a trained spiritual director in which together we discover the ways in which God is making God-self known in the life of the person coming for direction. Click here to learn more about this ministry >>


Supervision of those working in diverse areas of ministry is also offered. Supervision provides a safe place to explore issues related to work and ministry and further enhance ministerial practice.

Quiet Days and Retreats

Quiet days provide space and time for prayerful reflection and attentiveness to God’s Spirit in company with others who share the same intention. The quiet day allows for rest, refreshment and new insights. These can be full days or half days. Barnabas Ministries is available to prepare and present a quiet day or retreat for your group, Church Council or congregation. A particular theme can be developed which is appropriate for your group. Contact the Director, Sue Dunbar to discuss the possibilities.


From time to time, Barnabas Ministries offers workshops on a variety of topics related to prayer and spirituality. We are also available to develop a specific workshop for your organisation.