Barnabas Ministries

Barnabas Ministries is a non-profit, independent ecumenical agency which offers spiritual care and nourishment for those on the journey of faith both as individuals and groups.

Barnabas Ministries offers training programs in spiritual direction for those who sense that God is calling them to the ministry of spiritual direction, and are looking for a community in which this call can be discerned and nurtured.

These programs  are for people in both professional and lay ministries.

The current programs are:

  • Soul Space,  a program  to enable people to grow their gifts and skills to be able to lead retreats – commenced November 2018.

These programs reflect a contemplative ethos, drawing on the Christian scriptures, and the mystic and wisdom traditions, which creates a learning style that goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge. Participants are themselves open to transformation while growing in capacity to companion others on their spiritual journey.

Barnabas Ministries also offers supervision and spiritual direction.

On request, members of Barnabas Ministries can facilitate workshops, quiet days or retreats, or participate in workshops and retreats being arranged by others.

News and Events

Barnabas Ministries is funded by those who use its services. Additionally we rely on donations from individuals, groups and churches. Some people who use the services we offer are not in the position to pay enough in fees for the ministry and donations are an important way of supporting them.