Barnabas Ministries offers world-class training in spiritual direction and soul care for those on the journey of faith. It is non-profit, independent and ecumenical.

Our Formation Programs

Listen Into Life

Listen into Life is a four year part time residential program in spiritual direction. It has an annual intake, resulting in a multi -year community of participants at the four weekends.

Soul Journey Companions

Soul Journey Companions is a three year part time program in spiritual direction.This program is in abeyance in 2023.

Soul Space

Soul Space is a 1 year or 2 years part-time program for the formation of retreat leaders. This program is in abeyance in 2023.


These programs reflect a contemplative ethos, drawing on the Christian scriptures, and the mystic and wisdom traditions, which creates a learning style that goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge.

Participants are themselves open to transformation while growing in capacity to companion others on their spiritual journey.

Other Key Offerings

Barnabas Ministries also offers supervision and spiritual direction.

On request, members of Barnabas Ministries can facilitate workshops, quiet days or retreats, or participate in workshops and retreats being arranged by others.

Calendar 2022

Feb 24-27

“Listen into Life” residential

Mar 2

LiL Team meeting via Zoom

Mar 5 

Barnabas Ministries Vision and Planning Day 

Mar 21

Barnabas Ministries AGM and Committee Meeting 

Apr 3-6 

“Listen into Life” Team Development Workshop at Bundeena

May 27-29

“Listen into Life” residential 

June 1 

 LiL Team meeting via Zoom

June 20

Barnabas Ministries Committee Meeting 

Aug 26-28

“Listen into Life” residential

Aug 31

 LiL Team meeting via Zoom

Sept 26

Barnabas Ministries Committee Meeting


LiL Third Year discernment interviews

Nov 11-13

“Listen into Life” residential

Nov 16 

LiL Team meeting via Zoom

Nov 28

Barnabas Ministries Committee Meeting